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Pre-assessment call

ADHD  assessment
£1100 (face to face) and £800 (Virtual)


You can have a 10 minutes free phone call to discuss your assessment pathway, Any queries and your expectations from the assessment, I can also send you standard screening tests to determine how likely it is that you may have diagnosis of ADHD or autism. Also, if like many, you know that you would feel anxious before the assessment, I would be more than happy to offer you an additional free call to discuss the details of our appointment to hopefully alleviate the level of your anxiety.

60 – 90 minutes, this includes comprehensive assessment (for adults and older adults), diagnostic report and treatment planning. I will provide you with a report and can request for reasonable adjustment for your education or work. If I need additional information and extra time to conclude the review, you won’t be charged extra. I offer face to face appointments at Priory Roehampton and Harley street, you can also have your appointment virtually.

ADHD follow up and titration appointment

up to 30  minutes Following diagnosis. We will need to safely titrate your medication dose to optimal dose before requesting shared care agreement with your General Practitioner.

Comprehensive Autism Assessment

Up to 120 minutes.  If we need additional information and extra time to conclude the review, you won’t be charged extra.

I offer specialist diagnostic and assessment including developmental history and current presentation for adult and older adult based on DSM V and ICD 11.

As well as clinical review we will be using different standard screening and diagnostic tools including Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (The DISCO) framework. Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R), Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale (RAADS-R), AQ50 - Self-assessment diagnostic questionnaire and other relevant tests. 

It will be helpful and essential to have a family member or friend to help and provide relvant collateral information.

I will use all this information to formulate a personalised diagnosis and recommendation of needs based on your presentation.

Repeat prescription during titration free. Outside titration the cost of the prescription will be £30. Medication costs are paid to the pharmacy directly.

Shared care agreement £100  – A document that is sent to the GP to request they take over prescribing of medication (if on the rare occasion it is not accepted by the GP, I will refund this fee back to you)

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