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About Me

I am Dr Hossein Rostamipour, a Consultant Psychiatrist, working in South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, one of the most prestigious mental health facilities in Europe, I also work as a Visiting Consultant in Priory Mental Health Hospital in Roehampton. In addition to which I work in the Brain Health Clinic of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London.


Furthermore, I also worked as honorary lecturer at King’s College London. During my work in different settings including NHS and private practice, I attended to many patients who were suffering from undiagnosed ADHD and a variety of comorbid serious mental health problems, as well as comorbid physical health issues. Being able to help these individuals to have a fresh but more accurate diagnosis based on root cause of their symptoms and their issues and support them to progress towards a positive turning point in their lives as well as their loved ones, have made me more passionate and determined than ever to promote awareness of and help those with ADHD and Autism and  also help to shape the view about definition of neurodiversity in a better view way.

I have extensive experience working in different inpatient and outpatient Mental health services across London, dealing with complex cases with different mental health disorder and Nowadays my main focus and majority of work,  is assessing and treating people with neurodiversity and my special interest is in treatment of complex ADHD and a combination of ADHD with Autism or other mental health disorders. I have completed extra training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology which I found helpful in assessment and diagnosis of ADHD in woman.

I successfully conduct assessments and treatment for ADHD on hundreds of patients every year, and this level of experience enables me to diagnosed and treat complex cases and be able to help people to receive a bespoke, safe and optimised management plan.

I believe ADHD and Autism can remain undiagnosed conditions especially in high functioning people and it is not uncommon for people who struggle with neurodiversity to be discriminated against at school and work and as a result, they find it difficult to achieve their potential in many aspects of life and experience true happiness and peace in life. In spite of all their efforts, they continue to present with symptoms such as low mood, mood swings, anxiety, addiction, relationship problems and even memory issues which could be interpreted and diagnosed as other mental health disorders. Often these individuals will not respond well to traditional therapy and medication as the root cause of their problems remains undiagnosed.


I really hope that I will be able to be part of your journey and help you to know yourself better and help you to be assessed and achieve your treatment goals very soon and have an easier and more enjoyable life.

Experts in ADHD and Autism, and comorbid mental health, addiction and physical health issues.

You will have continuity of care with one expert throughout your journey, I have special interest, additional training and experience in ADHD and ASD (I am trained to use DISCO and ADI-R as valid diagnostic tools) in women and men. I have additional training and experience in Gynaecology which has helped me to off bespoke and optimum management of ADHD as well as affective disorders including PMDD in women. 


Fully standard and compliant care

I offer and encourage face to face reviews as well as virtual assessment if that is your choice. I follow, NICE, GMC and Royal college of Psychiatrists guidelines and I have transferred care of more than %90 of people to primary care after their period of mediation titration. Having initial referral from GP will increase the chance of acceptance  of your Shared Care Agreement by primary care.



Compassion to help is essential in my care. I try to be as inclusive as possible, if you are struggling financially and  you are receiving benefit, or are student or single parents and can provide me evidence for these conditions, I contribute up to £300 towards your treatment. I won’t charge extra if we need further investigation and need to book extra time to conclude your assessment.

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